Anna's Birth Story

It was a beautiful morning on August 7th when we woke up. Monte, my husband, decided to not go to work before our appointment that day. Being 43 weeks and 2 days pregnant we were getting a non-stress test every 4 days just to make sure everything was healthy. Baby seemed to be enjoying the comfort of my body and didn't really care to come out. So we headed out for the appointment. It was a nice drive down to Council Bluffs from our home. Today something was different there were contractions in the morning. I had been having contractions every night for about 3 weeks, but no baby! I didn't think much about the contractions and didn't really say anything to anybody. After our appointment we had some lunch and I dropped Monte off at work and drove to our home. I was so tired by the time I got home I laid down for a nap. I did some stretches and slept for two hours. When I woke up about 5 p.m. I ate some watermelon and the contractions were on. I didn't say anything to my mom who was there helping with our other children to make sure it was real and they were. They were coming regularly. I never timed them.

My mom took the big girls for a walk and Monte came home about 6. I was preparing some things and he didn't really know if it was really labor or not. By the time my mom got home I was in real labor and knew it. My mom and Monte started closing curtains while I wandered around the house relaxing. They also started filling the birthing pool. Nicole was called around 7 and was there in what seemed like five minutes. Time was flying and yet I had no idea what time it was. I was in a zone and my zone only. My favorite position in my early labor was to push on something. I pushed against our front door that was nice for some reason it relaxed me.

By the time Nicole got there I was ready for the pressure on my back. Not back rubbing constant strong pressure through the whole contraction. When Nicole got there she checked me I think I was about a 6 she said that it was dissolving while she was checking me. She checked baby and started setting up all of her stuff. Again I was in my zone and wasn't paying to much attention. I had my little stations around my house with water that I would stop and contract and then pace again. They were getting closer together and I was starting to realize a baby was coming soon. I kept saying they are so close together. I felt there was no time to rest. Nicole suggested I get in the tub and I didn't wait for any assistance. I took my pants off and jumped right on in, as best I could being 43 weeks pregnant and all.:) The water had cooled quite a bit so my
mom and Nicole's assistant were busy getting warm water added which felt great. Our two year old, Clair, was put to bed and Marley our four year old was right by my side saying it's okay mom your big girl here.

I was ready for the baby to be born it was time. I was half squatting in the tub. Monte was pushing on my back and didn't know it but he was keeping me submerged in the water. When he let up I rose to the top of the water. I decided I was ready to push so I did. I put my hand down to see if the push was productive and it was! The baby was coming and I felt hair. The head descended with a push or two and then nothing. My pushing was not bringing the baby down. I was scared and in the most pain I had ever been in. For one moment I panicked then I heard Nicole say, "Anna with the next contraction take a deep breath and push". What I later found out was the baby had a tight cord around her neck that was not allowing her to descend. Well she somersaulted out and I felt her bump into my left leg.

The lights came on ( I wanted the glow of the TV as my light everyone tried to talk me out of it. There was no sound. It was the perfect light for me and was relaxing to me annoyed everyone else!):) I looked to see the gender of our baby. It was a girl, Meadow Rae we have three girls. I was shocked all day long I thought this must be a boy. Well I was wrong and that was perfectly fine. I got out of the pool I felt it was to cold for Meadow and I was uncomfortable with the umbilical cord still rubbing on me. I moved to the couch a foot away my wet things were taken off and about three blankets placed on me. I was ready to start feeding our newest baby, but she was more interested in finding her hands. I delivered the placenta and relaxed starring at our new little girl. Marley was there with as big a smile as Monte. My mom called several people so we had our first visitor Monte's Aunt Jean.

I was checked to make sure there were no tears and there were not. I went to the bathroom and Nicole showed me my placenta. It was small I never knew they were that small and so dark in color. I put real clothes on and was ready to take the new baby and go to bed. I had a snack and a drink and headed up stairs. Nicole and the assistant made sure everything was settled and that I knew what to do if an emergency occurred. We prayed and they left. It was an amazing experience and so not stressful. After two hospital births with the last one being an induction it was like heaven. Sure there were painful times and one even a little scarey time. We got through it. Our first time working together baby and mama. Meadow Rae born August 7, 2008 9:48 pm 8lbs 12 oz 21 ? inches long.

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